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Fatal Accident - Cascade Township - Update: Involved Parties Identified

June 13th, 2019 6:12 pm

Contact: Sgt. Joel Roon - 616.632.6106
Email: joel.roon@kentcountymi.gov
Supervisor Approval: Sgt Roon 
Incident Type: Fatal Accident 

The Kent County Sheriff’s Office responded to a fatal accident involving a bicyclist and a motor vehicle at the above location and time.

A 7yr old boy identified as Ryan Marsman from Cascade Township was riding with his father on the bike path along Cascade Rd. The riders had stopped for Laraway Lake Dr. The boy and his father started to cross Laraway Lake when the boy was struck by a truck turning west onto Cascade Rd from Laraway Lake Dr. The driver of the truck has been identified as Matthew Klaasen, 22, an Ottawa County Resident.

The boy was wearing a helmet. Drugs and alcohol are not suspected. The accident remains under investigation.

Cascade Fire, Life Ambulance and Aeromed assisted at the scene.