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KCSO Establishes Human Trafficking Task Force

February 24th, 2022 8:26 am

KENT COUNTY, Mich:  Reports of Human Trafficking are widespread throughout the US and indeed the world, but the statistics are illusive and the number of individuals arrested and held responsible are not representative of the problem or the number of victims who need help, even in Kent County Michigan. 

Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young is attacking this problem with the creation of the Kent County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) Human Trafficking Task Force.  This has been made possible through a three-year grant from the Office for Victims of Crime.  This task force approach will combat human trafficking through identifying victims, providing access to a range of services specific to their needs, and prosecuting traffickers.

As we work to interrupt trafficking, we are first concerned with the impact these traumatic events have on victim’s lives.  When we identify human trafficking victims, this Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) task force makes it possible to fully support victims and their families through partnerships with the Salvation Army and Solutions to End Exploitation.  Our trauma-informed investigators and partners will walk alongside those in need and help bring dignity and a voice to victims left in trafficking’s wake.  We hope this task force brings more awareness to the community and helps to empower our community to step in and help when they see potential human trafficking.  


Contact: Sgt. Eric Brunner | 616.914.8481