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KCSO Jail Hosts Dads Not Forgotten

September 9th, 2022 2:26 pm

KENT COUNTY, Mich:  The KCSO Jail Hosts Dads Not Forgotten

Dads Not Forgotten is a collaboration between the KCSO, 70x7 Life Recovery, Prison Fellowship, and Reach for the Forgotten Jail Ministry.  Today, at two different ceremonies approximately 60 fathers, sons, and brothers at the jail will be given a book to write a message to their families and children. Others will receive a recorder to record them reading a book for their children.

Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young explained, "We know the importance of children having a father involved in their life. This is an effort to help these men connect with their families while they are separated for a time and to encourage that crucial involvement when they leave our facility. Anything we can do to support the family is a win."


Contact: Sgt. Eric Brunner | 616.632.6106