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KCSO Presents Lifesaving Awards to Residents Chris Boyd and Rita Westphal

September 29th, 2021 5:04 pm

On February 7, 2020, deputies from the Kent County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to an accident on Cannonsburg Rd NE. A mother and her two young children were trapped inside their car, which had rolled onto its side after hitting an icy patch of road. The vehicle caught fire, and the family was unable to get out.

Residents, Chris Boyd and Rita Westphal, were in the area and immediately stopped to assist the family. They pulled each family member out of the vehicle as it was filling with smoke. Shortly after Chris and Rita removed the family, the car became engulfed in flames.

Due to the quick actions of Chris and Rita, the family suffered only minor smoke inhalation.

Without hesitation, Chris and Rita put their safety aside to save the lives of the family. For this, we proudly awarded them with a KCSO Lifesaving Award. Please join us in congratulating and thanking Chris and Rita for their outstanding actions!