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Localized Flooding Possible Over Next 48 Hours

April 5th, 2023 2:54 pm



KENT COUNTY, Mich (April 5, 2023): Sustained rainfall in the region has resulted in more runoff and higher water levels on local rivers than originally anticipated. The National Weather Service is expecting several rivers to be at, or near flood stage, by the end of the day on Friday (April 7), particularly the Grand River in Comstock Park which will experience moderate flooding. Additionally, increased flows on local waterways are likely to erode riverbanks resulting in water encroaching further onto some properties than normal, which could result in property damage.

Residents in these areas should pay special attention to water levels:

  • GRAND RIVER IN COMSTOCK PARK – Currently at 12.7 feet – Will gradually increase until Friday evening when it crests at or near 15 feet.  This crest represents MODERATE flooding which we have not seen since May of 2020.
  • GRAND RIVER IN ADA – Currently at 17.13 feet (Action Stage) – Will somewhat rapidly increase until Thursday night when it levels off around 19.7 feet. This crest is still within “Action” stage, but very close to “Minor Flooding”.
  • GRAND RIVER IN LOWELL – Currently at 12.79 feet (Action Stage)– Will quickly rise and then level off around 14.9 feet (just under “Minor Stage” on Friday evening before receding.
  • BUCK CREEK IN GRANDVILLE – Currently at 7.24 feet – Will quickly rise to 8 feet (Action Stage) on Thursday morning and then recede.

The Kent County Emergency Operations Center is currently under a level 1, limited activation to assess the situation. “Emergency Management and our partner organizations have been actively monitoring the severe weather and flooding concerns in Kent County," said Emergency Management Coordinator Matt Groesser.  "While we were fortunate to have been spared from some of the severe weather threats today, we expect to be dealing with localized flooding, especially in the Comstock Park area, through the weekend.”

If flooding occurs in your area, Kent County Emergency Management recommends the following actions to protect you and your family:

During floods

  • Stay out of flood waters. Flood water moves faster than it appears and can carry debris, which might injure you. Additionally, there is a danger of electrical shock from downed and exposed power lines. Children should never play around high water, storm drains, or viaducts.
  • Avoid driving in flood water as vehicles can easily be swept away. If you are stranded and surrounded by flood waters, call or text 911 immediately.
  • Flood water can be dangerous to your health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), flood water can contain dangerous bacteria and other pollutants, including raw sewage. 

  o If flooding does occur in your area, avoid contact with flooded areas and wash up if contact does occur. Listen to public announcements or contact your local health department to find out if your tap water is safe to use.

  o The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) encourages Michiganders who get their drinking water from wells to get their well water tested following a flood event. More information is available by calling the MDHHS Drinking Water Hotline at 844-934-1315.

Click here (https://water.weather.gov/ahps2/index.php?wfo=grr) to monitor river level forecasts of a particular river or geographical area. 

Remember, if you encounter water over any roadway - "TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN."


Matt Groesser |  Emergency Managment Coordinator
Lt. Joel Roon | Public Information Officer | 616.292.3280