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Winter Hazards Awareness Week

November 5th, 2019 11:34 am

Contact: Lt. Louis Hunt, Emergency Manager

PH: 616-632-6255

EM: lou.hunt@kentcountymi.gov

Governor Declares Winter Hazards Awareness Week

With West Michigan starting to see its first snow showers of the year, we begin to think about the coming winter; both its beauty and its challenges.  As always, preparation is key to maintaining some control during those challenges and providing for your needs and comfort.  During last year's winter Kent County had a very large and extended power outage during some of the coldest weather.  Without power, many individuals and families had to rely on back-up power sources such as generators, or they were displaced from their homes.  Generators used properly (located outside of your home and vented away from buildings) can provide the necessary electricity to keep you and your loved ones in the familiar surroundings of your own home.  If possible, secure a generator for your winter weather plan; it could be the difference between being displaced from your home or not.  If a generator is not available to you, establish a reciprocal relationship with a loved one or trusted friend who has a home you can go to if displaced from yours (and return the favor as well).  A consideration in choosing that loved one or trusted friend is where they lie in relation to your home.  Ideally, that person is close enough that if you were displaced to their home, you can maintain a normal life, but they are far enough away that they are unlikely to be immediately affected by the same power outage/winter challenge.  In support of statewide winter preparedness efforts, Governor Whitmer has proclaimed November 3-9 as Winter Hazards Awareness Week.  For more information you can tap here:  HERE or go to http://www.MICHIGAN.gov/MIREADY and click on Winter Weather Emergency Preparedness at the bottom left of the page.  

Remember, to be prepared is to be empowered.