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Regular Golf Cart vs. Low Speed Vehicle

May 25th, 2023 3:20 pm

They look similar, but what's the difference?

Low Speed Vehicles are defined in Florida Statutes as motor vehicles, have a registered VIN number, and are STREET LEGAL! That’s right, you can take your LSV on public roads marked 35 miles per hour or less.

Golf carts are not manufactured with a VIN number & therefore cannot be considered street legal.  Driving them on a roadway is a criminal traffic offense! 

LSVs can be an enjoyable means of travel throughout our City but they are not a toy and should not be treated as such. All driving laws apply to LSVs. Remember, underage drivers are not permitted and child safety seat laws still apply. Do your research to avoid the cost of a citation and, most importantly, BE SAFE!!

See the attached graphic for more details about what is required for LSVs.