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More Sublette County scams reported

February 9th, 2023 10:53 am
More Sublette County scams reported      
2/9/23 10:45 am
Scams continue to run through Sublette County
As the SCSO sees a growing trend of almost daily Scams in our community we want to first thank our vigilant citizens for reporting scams to us. Today's post includes two from a local Facebook group Post it - Sell it in Sublette County. They also both came directly from concerned citizens.
The first image below came to us this morning involving an autistic child and a dog missing. We can assure the public the SCSO is not investigating such a case at this time and it is not a legitimate post. The posting person has also disabled comments. Scammers doing this are using what is known as Swatting scams. These are intended to flood first responder resources to an emergency or event that doesn't exist to tie up resources.
The second image is a bit different. It came to us last evening from another concerned citizen. This one when it first came in showed a small girl who was supposed to be also missing, as of this morning however it has changed to a post about cheap local rentals. This is also a crafty scam trying to trick residents into deposits for rent.
We want to again remind citizens to be vigilant, if it sounds too good to be true it likely is, and if it's a missing person or child we would be posting this directly through our trusted Social media, Website, and Public Smartphone app.