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National Package Protection Day 2021

December 1st, 2021 7:54 am
National Package Protection Day 2021      


Give porch pirates the heave-ho. Don't let a Porch Pirate end up with your treasures! With Black Friday past us and Christmas shopping season gearing up be aware!

In 2016, National Package Protection Day was founded by Ring.com on the National Days Calendar! Ring is one of many vendors on the market who provide smart device security services for customers to protect their homes. This year the SCSO partnered with Ring on the Neighbors app where citizens can submit video and photos of crimes and suspicious activities captured on their home security device if they wish. We want to encourage homeowners to stay alert during these high delivery times. The Wednesday after Thanksgiving is the designated national day to remind us to protect our homes against package theft, which becomes more prevalent during the holidays.

The internet has made it easier to find deals and have packages shipped straight to our homes. However, this has also made it easier for thieves to snatch our deliveries right from our doorsteps if we aren’t careful. Cyber Monday and cyber week in particular, is a big online shopping day where most purchases are shipped directly to the buyer’s home.

We are lucky to enjoy a low crime rate in Sublette County, but you should still protect your packages this holiday season as well as year-round! Here are some helpful tips to avoid porch pirates:

  • Track your packages through delivery
  • Be available during delivery if possible
  • Require a signature on expensive items
  • Choose In-Store pickup if you can
  • Keep a security camera or doorbell camera pointed at your doorstep where packages are delivered. If something is stolen having video evidence can be very helpful.

Wishing everyone a safe holiday season from the SCSO!

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