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National Safer Internet day 2022

February 8th, 2022 4:46 pm
National Safer Internet day 2022      

2/8/22 Safer Internet Day


It’s 2022, let’s face it we all use the internet, and it is vital to teach children how to be safe. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the following safety tips to consider for youth and adults alike:


-Go through your friends/follow lists on social media and get rid of people you don’t know

-Remember, whatever you put online remains online (even after you delete it)

-Protect yourself by changing passwords often & using 2-step authentication

-Be cautious of downloads and that malware can be anywhere

-Have open communication with your children about content sharing and the potential dangers of social media, as soon as they have access to any technological device.

- DO NOT send, ask, or share sexually explicit images/videos. Remember, once shared you no longer control the material.

- Report incidents to CyberTipline, School Resource Officer, Law Enforcement, Counselors & social media provider/hosts.

- Monitor children’s internet use and talk to them about using only safe and age-appropriate websites.

- NEVER share private information such as your home address, school name, or passwords.

- Encourage children to report bullying and online harassment to a parent/teacher or counselor.

- Don’t download or click on any links from people you don’t know.



For more information check out SID-USA.org. Stay safe Sublette County!


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