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SCSO recieves more scam calls and reminds citizens to remain vigilant

September 20th, 2021 2:09 pm
SCSO recieves more scam calls and reminds citizens to remain vigilant      

Does it sound too good to be true…? Likely it is!

Scams over the last couple years are at an all-time high across our nation. When you find vastly discounted products, or even receive threats of consequence without immediate payment via cash or pre-paid cards, it might be a scam. In the past few months, the SCSO has been receiving multiple scam calls to our office. Protect yourself from fraud and never give these people personal information! Examples of the most recent and prevalent scam calls in Sublette County include but not limited to:

-Selling horse tack equipment for half the price or less but requiring Wal-Mart gift cards

-Vehicle warrant expiring but wanting upfront payment to become current

-Family member has been arrested and needs money

-An arrest warrant to be issued by Sublette County Circuit Court if you don’t pay with money transfer or pre-paid Card.

-Grandparents getting calls their grandchildren are stranded or jailed and need financial help

The list goes on. These scammers have become more creative by trying to make their scam appear to be local to look legitimate. If you get one of these calls it is always safer to get a call back number and then call the agency or office involved and speak to supervisors to verify, they are legitimate. This is especially important if you aren’t familiar with who they are representing themselves to be. Any legitimate business will not require pre-paid cards or money transfers for payment and won’t mind the call back to verify.  

Stay safe Sublette County!

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