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SCSO reminds motorists to slow down this summer season

July 6th, 2021 12:37 pm
With Summer into full swing everyone seems to be traveling more and Sublette County is becoming increasingly busier, with that said we want to remind everyone to slow down and buckle up. Summer brings more drivers and more distractions and hazards with it. Summer also means orange construction cones are in full bloom and construction season is also ramping up. This coupled with busier traffic and campers slowing people down, can cause a tendency for most drivers is to get around them as fast as you can and get on your way. However, this usually brings greater risk for accidents increases especially with speed.
Sublette County attracts all sorts of visitors in the summer months causing more traffic and even more pedestrians crossing streets while visiting. Do them a favor and follow the set speed limits and always watch for pedestrian’s especially children crossing streets, getting in a hurry could hurt someone else!
Sublette County Deputies have been making multiple traffic stops involving speeders all around the county. In fact, Since May 1st the average speed over the limit cited by the SCSO was 10 miles per hour over. The highest ticket for speed was 110 miles per hour in a 65-speed zone. Everyone should always Buckle up when in the car, if you get pulled over for a violation and you are not wearing your seat belt. You will receive a citation. This goes for any passengers in the vehicle, as well. No excuse is worth your life or someone else’s.