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Turn headlights on and other safety tips for driving in winter conditions

January 6th, 2022 9:43 am
Good Morning Sublette County, we are supposed to continue receiving snowfall and diminished visibility on our roads today. Another friendly reminder of some safety tips while driving in winter conditions:
-TURN YOUR HEADLIGHTS ON, even in the daylight you should run with headlights on so other drivers can see you coming at them in white out or low visibility conditions.
-Always buckle up!
-Slow down and give extra stopping distance between vehicles
-Take some time before you leave to dust off the snow on your vehicle, scrape windows and warm your car up so the defroster can keep windows clear
- If at all possible, keep your fuel as close to full as possible and avoid letting it drop below a quarter tank
-If you do get stuck or break down, turn on hazard flashers so other motorists can see you, stay in your car and don’t be out of your vehicle in traffic
-Stock some essentials in the car in case you become stuck or stranded
- Small snow shovel and ice scraper
-Jumper cables, flashlight, town ropes and emergency markers
-Cell phone charger, water and some snacks