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August 24th, 2023 11:51 am

It’s happening again - and it’s not us! Someone is calling folks claiming to be a Naples Police Officer (specifically Lt. Kyle Bennett this time), and he’s telling people they’ve missed court or have an outstanding warrant and must pay a fine or they will be arrested.

FYI: Law enforcement will NEVER give you a courtesy call before an arrest. Law enforcement will also NEVER ask you for money in lieu of an arrest, dropping charges, etc.

Unfortunately, these scams are not going away, and scammers will continue to become more skillful in their presentation to unsuspecting citizens. THANKFULLY the person receiving the call did not fall for it, hung up, and called us directly to let us know that this phone scam is going around again.

  • Beware of Caller ID Spoofing: Scammers may use technology to "spoof" an NPD phone number, making it appear official. Do not solely rely on caller ID as a verification method.
  • Anytime you do any sort of business over the phone, make sure you are 100% sure who it is you are doing business with.
  • If you aren’t sure, and they say you owe money, chances are it’s a scam and we suggest you hang up immediately.